Vehicle fire suppression systems can detect and suppress fires before they have a chance to do severe damage to your equipment. These systems most importantly protect the operator from severe or fatal injuries..

Timberjack_460cWe perform inspections and maintenance for off-road vehicles. Our trucks are radio equipped and we are on call 24 hrs.


Examples of vehicles that we work with:

Dozers, Forestry, Graders, Haul trucks, Trash Haulers, Cranes, Excavators, Loaders, Drills, Underground mining, Skidders, Compactors


Benefits of having an off-road vehicle Suppression System:
  • Automatic Detection and actuation – 24hr protection
  • May reduce your insurance premium
  • Linear or spot heat detection
  • Manual release capability
  • Control Panel with status indicators and alarm
  • Supervised detection and release circuits
  • Shutdown capabilities
  • Self contained battery
  • FM approved
  • Dry Chemical and wet chemical agents
  • Minimize chance of igniting forest fire
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