A card access system is an important tool for a business that promotes high security and/or effective traffic control. Its user friendly, simple and smart!

An access control system has the ability to electronically secure your premise and record who is entering and at what time. Fire & Security Centre specializes in the design and custom installation of Access Control Systems. These systems not only fit your requirements but can be linked to a security or camera system to fit your needs.

Some advantages to having an access control system are:
  • They eliminate the need for keys and the service of re-keying. NO MORE LOST KEYS!!!
  • Often cards can be read by the proximity reader while still inside your wallet or purse. Just pass it over the weatherproof case and it does the rest.
  • Traffic control is recorded and can be easily accessed for your record keeping.
  • They come with unique electronic encoded cards that will be programmed into the control system before it can be used. If a card is compromised that code can be removed immediately, effectively rendering the card useless thereby quickly re-establishing the integrity of the system.
  • There is the ability to have time and date restricted access for individual cardholders (ie. One employee can only enter 8-5, while another has 24hour access)
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